80 grams of whole, organic cardamom, sourced form our partner farm in Guatemala.

Spices are not created or sold equally. Supermarket spices:

  1. Are often not fresh and have been sitting around for years before reaching shelves.
  2. Display single ingredients in a jar which are actually made up of spices from multiple farms with inconsistent quality control.
  3. Don’t always come from farmers who are paid an equitable wage for harvesting the ingredient.
  4. Are selected for looks rather than flavour

Our spices are all sourced from single-origin farms, we carefully select each spice for flavour, with each grown in small batches organically and in nutrient-rich soil which delivers a potent, yet natural, flavour profile. Our cardamom, is slightly ripened giving a subtle yellow colour to the otherwise green spice, for a slightly sweeter flavour that goes so perfectly well with chai and tastes amazing in cooking. 

Green cardamom, known locally as 'The Green Gold of Guatemala', is perhaps the most versatile and polarising commonly used spice. It's used in so many dishes, but bite into one directly, and it can be an interesting experience.

Cardamom is also known as the queen of spices and is the third most expensive spice in the world. Used in biryanis, chai, curries and much more, it is traditionally graded in global markets based purely on colour and aesthetic. The bolder the green, the more valuable it is deemed.

Whole cardamom - 80g

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